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Ash And Brock Having Sex

Brock's personality has evolved considerably throughout the series. In the beginning of the series, he seemed to be hostile and closed off to most of the family. While loyal to them and has shown to care about them, he largely ignored them, focused on brutally murdering his enemies and having sex as often as possible. As the series has continued he has begun showing affection for the Ventures, and a great deal of concern for their safety. Though a departure from the unfeeling Brock of early episodes, the writers confirm he is still assumed to be the 'Swedish Murder Machine' behind the scenes.

ash and brock having sex

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It would seem that Brock has some issues with fellow O.S.I. agent Headshot as the latter asked if Brock if he should take out both Monstroso and Molotov only for Brock to dissuade him which caused Headshot to make fun of Brock's old feelings for Molotov Cocktease. It is implied that another reason for the tension between the two agents is Brock possibly having an affair with Headshot's girlfriend Amber Gold. In The Devil's Grip, he took a glance at the pair as Headshot happily "consoled "Amber about the latter's sympathies for the cyborg Vendata. Also, when shore leave made a coy remark about Amber and Headshot's relationship brock was very eager to change the subject before a confused Headshot could get an answer out of him.

It is implied that Brock may be having an affair with fellow O.S.I. agent Amber Gold. This was hinted in O.S.I. Love You where she is seen scolding her boyfriend telling him "Brock could never love such an awful lying bitch person". In The Devil's Grip, Amber remarks sadly about relating to the loneliness of the cyborg Vendata, looking to Brock while saying this, until her boyfriend Headshot "comforted" her as Brock looked at both of them. In that same episode, Brock was eager to change the subject about Amber and Headshot's relationship when Shore Leave made a coy remark about it. In the season six episode All This and Gargantua-2, they are tasked with infiltrating the space station after learning Jonas Venture Jr. made deals with the Investors. It would seem the affair is confirmed, as they are later shown in bed together, and it is shown that Brock would confide some of his past times with the Ventures. Amber also seem rather touched and understanding of the latter's old feelings for his previous job as a bodyguard. Since his return to working as Venture's bodyguard and his relationship with Warriana it is unknown what happened/or if anything happened between him and Amber. Since there's no sign of him contacting the O.S.I. or Amber, the two might have ended on amiable terms.

In The Family That Slays Together, Stays Together (Part I) she tells Brock that the O.S.I. is after him, but it turns out she was setting him up to kill the top assassins so that her mercenary group, "the Black Hearts" could become the top assassin organization. In Operation P.R.O.M., Molotov meets Brock once again where she incapacitates him and liberates Monstroso causing Brock to pursue them. He ends up cornering her and the two have a talk about their past, he ultimately tells her, he's tired of chasing her. She then tells him that she's changed and tosses her chastity belt to prove so. He believes this indicates she wants a relationship, but holds back when she reveals that she's already involved with Monstroso. When she then threatens the lives Venture family if he didn't let them go, he becomes angered and threatens to drop them off a cliff if she didn't drop her threat. She then states she'd rather die then give in and apparently falls to her death. However, in the opening of the first episode of Season 5, it becomes known that both her and Monstroso faked their deaths and escaped. In O.S.I. Love You, Brock and Molotov meet again at O.S.I. headquarters where Molotov kills many agents before she and Brock meet up and spoke to each other in a casual manner before fighting with brock emerging as the victor. Brock nearly kills Molotov but stops when Hunter Gathers informs him that the agents killed were traitors and the O.S.I. hired her as a mercenary. Molotov has not been seen since then and its unknown where they stand in regards to their feelings.

In the 2000s, Bruce Campbell voiced Ash in a trilogy of video games. The first was Hail to the King released in 2000 on PlayStation, Dreamcast, and Windows. This game continues after Army of Darkness. Ash is dating Jenny, a fellow S-Mart employee. After she convinces him to return to the cabin to face his fears, his severed hand replays the tape and sets the evil loose again. The second game, A Fistful of Boomstick, released in 2003 on Xbox and PlayStation 2. In this game Ash mentions Jenny died in a bus accident previous to this game. Ash watches TV in a bar in Dearborn, Michigan, where a local TV show, "Mysteries of the Occult," reads the passages from the Necronomicon setting the evil loose and possessing most of the town. The game also features time-travel, including colonial times and the civil war era. The third and final game was Evil Dead: Regeneration, released in 2005 on Xbox, PlayStation 2, and Windows. This game plays through an alternate history: instead of being sucked into the vortex at the end of Evil Dead II, Ash has been placed in a mental institution for the criminally insane. His doctor has gone mad and, having obtained the Necronomicon, releases the deadites once again.

Since Army of Darkness, Ash has been portrayed consistently as in Bruce Campbell's words "a guy who doesn't know anything, a big talker".[citation needed] Ash rarely takes situations seriously and is very incompetent as a hero or protagonist; He's often causing the conflict that drives the story forward rather than solving it while having a selfish, self-serving attitude towards others at the same time. In Ash vs. Evil Dead, many of his neighbors call him an "asshole" and complain about his narcissistic cocky attitude while his boss frequently hounds him for making up excuses for getting out of work. At the same time, Ash has been portrayed as a womanizer and in the television series has been show to flat out lie and invent sympathetic anecdotes to sleep with women at local bars. Ash vs. Evil Dead reveals that his father Brock Williams was often overly competitive with him as a child and it seems that many of Ash's traits have originated from his father's behavior. Despite his immature conceited attitude, Ash has been shown to have a softer, more heroic side. In Army of Darkness he chooses to stay behind and help the people of Arthur's castle fight the deadite army despite having nothing to gain from doing so. Over the course of the television series, Ash bonds with Pablo and Kelly, at one point calling Kelly the "daughter he never had." He also shows regret and remorse when he's forced to kill his elderly neighbor when she's becomes possessed and tries to kill him.

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