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Paddu Character In Amrutham Seri

Sivaji Raja who initially played the lead character Amrutha Rao, had a major falling out with the makers. Gangaraju called Sivaji Raja "a sick and greedy man".[25] He accused Sivaji Raja of throwing tantrums and unprofessionalism. Sivaji Raja complained to the 'Association of Telugu TV Artistes' that he was not properly paid by the producers, after which the association banned other artistes from acting in Amrutham.[25] The serial managed without the characters Amrutha Rao and his wife for four months. The ban was lifted after a period of four months.[25] Later Naresh replaced Sivaji as Amrutha Rao. The makers did not face any problems with Naresh. But as the broadcaster Gemini TV hiked their tariff, the serial had budget cuts and Naresh was replaced by Harsha Vardhan.[25]

Paddu Character In Amrutham Seri

Icchapurapu Ksheera Sagara Panchamrutha Rao (a.k.a. Amrutham, played by Sivaji Raja (Episodes 1-55), Naresh (Episodes 63-105) and Harsha Vardhan (Episodes 110-313)) is the main character of the series. He is a naive, gullible middle-aged man. He owns a restaurant called Amrutha Vilas (renamed to New Amrutha Vilas, New Amrutha Terrace Vilas, Pizza Dhaba and New Amrutha New Vilas at later points in the serial) in Hyderabad. He dreams of making it big with his restaurant business but each "innovative" step he takes towards that only ends up in losses or at best, breaking even.

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