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The Incredible Hulk 1.1 Crack _HOT_ Tension Guitar Benig

Hi Rich, guitar got here today, in one piece. It's crap. Naaaaw! I've had to put it down 'cause my hand is hurting quite a bit and I'm playing all day at work tomorrow. Still got it where I can see it tho! I'm just beginning to get a feel for it but the original idea was to get something to play for life and I'm sure this is it. If electric guitars get any better than this well, I just don't wanna know! It sounds as good as it looks and I don't think even my Mesa Road King does it justice. Some one has dropped it in transit though, the case has a slight crack where the strap button has rammed into it. The guitar is fine and that's all I'm bothered about since I can't see any situations coming anytime soon that will mean taking it out of the studio. There's no way I'm leaving this propped up in a bar! My old one will be gracefully retired now, with all due pomp and ceremony, with full military honours. This neck is fuller but it's growing on me mucho already and I can't get over just how beautiful the guitar is. Hardly dared touch it at first! There seems to be no sound it won't make either, I've had Kossoff (Free) and Knopfler (Dire Straits) already and there's much more to come. I think you can say I like it... a lot. To think I could have wasted another $4000 on a Gibbon LP. I've made a slight tweak to the pickup heights (bass lower & angled a bit, treble higher) but apart from that the set up is also spot on. I am staggered to be one of the 45 owners of these worldwide. Lil' ol' me got one!!Thanks Rich. [His name also]

The Incredible Hulk 1.1 Crack tension guitar benig

Rich,You have done it. I am pleasantly amazed by this. You have simply exceeded my expectations, in every category, across the board.I usually NEVER write a company to thank them or commend them for their quality. Usually because in today's world, companies do not deliver anything but the bare minimum. And generally far less than that.While I was initially skeptical about spending the additional money for a "pro set-up" - I figured that I would give it a try to see the difference your work would make.Answer: A hell of a lot of difference!Like most of your customers (and Jem owners in general) I own multiple Jems from different production years and models. I can honestly say that the '03 VSBL I received from you is absolutely the best set-up guitar I have ever owned. This guitar plays the way I imagine "Flo" and "Evo" would, and I have your exceptional skill and experience to thank for that.Your attention to detail is immediately apparent upon receiving a new guitar from your shop. The packaging was bombproof, and the care taken on the inside of the case to make sure the guitar did not shift or bounce around showed that you really take the extra time in every detail of preparation. As I slowly and carefully un-cased this Jem, I also noticed that there was not a single - no, not one - fingerprint on this guitar. These are the "little" things that other companies seem to miss the boat on, and they simply cannot fathom why this level of care would be important to customers who are spending thousands of dollars.Then there is the guitar itself. Amazing, truly amazing. The action, the neck set up, the trem angle and intonation and on and on and on... I noticed the perfect placement of the shims under the saddles and the flawless prep you do to clean a fingerboard so that it is in better condition than when it left the factory. And not the least important factor, the guitar was absolutely as described on your web site and documented in your extensive photos. All of these things are HUGE to me!!I have read nothing but positive comments on websites the world over, and have spoken directly to people from around the country - all of which have nothing but great things to say about you, your shop, and your incredible attention to detail. I have not run across a single person that would not recommend you fully or purchase from you again. I am wholeheartedly in this category of customers.This is not the first Jem that I have purchased from you, but it was the first to receive your special touch, and I would say again that it was worth every penny.Please don't ever retire. Or die, or go on vacation, or anything else for that matter that would take you away from our community of customers that understand and appreciate what it is that you do.Sincerely,Now lifelong customer - Rob ParksDenver, Colorado

Hey Rich,Michael Rusher here. I'm the birthday boy that my daughter and wife purchased the JS1200 platinum setup for back in May.Just a short note to say thanks for making a nice guitar an incredible instrument. I have had a couple of weeks to play this thing now, all I can say is "WOW", it's truly a monster.Thanks again Rich for all of your hard work and dedication."Mikie likes it"BTW, thanks for the B-day card is was great!!Have a good oneBestMichael RusherPS, Rich, you should consider making a few videos on how to take care of and the maintenance on the setups that you do for your customers. I realize you have a ton of info in your tech section, but videos would bring that home. Sell them for $40.00 a pop, Hell, I would have bought one. I know you're a busy man, something to think about.

Hey Rich, I got the guitar yesterday, and would've emailed you then but I was too busy playing! The setup is great, strings nice and low so they have a bit of snap to 'em, and the fretjob you did on it is incredible! Has a sort of super-smooth broken-in feel without the actual wear and tear of being used. This is easily the most awe-inspiring guitar I've ever owned, and I've owned about 15 or so since I've been playing (Gibsons, Fenders, Epiphones, ESPs, Peaveys, and other Ibanezes). Much thanks again! Now I have a dumb question where I'm probably just overlooking something simple: how do you get the tremolo bar to stay in? There's no kind of flange or anything on it, just a straight bar, and it doesn't "pop in".

Hi Rich!Just wanted to let you know the P3 arrived here in Milwaukee a fewdays ago. I've been playing it daily since then and I can say for 100%sure that it arrived in perfect shape from its journey on the UPStrucks. Not so much as a loose screw. I can also say that this iswithout a doubt the most amazingly well-set-up and comfortable andcared-for axe I've ever received. You do amazing work, I'mrecommending you to every other player I know, and I can't imaginebuying another Ibanez that doesn't come from you. I compared theset-up you did to my UV777 (factory "set up" only) and my PGM 301(quickie set-up by a local guy) and the difference in feel andplayability between them is quite honestly astonishing.So! Thanks for a great guitar. You do incredible work, and Iappreciate the hell out of it.Best,Dan

Dear Rich,Thank you for the perfect guitar. This is the first guitar that I am happy to have. I bought my other guitars from other sites and they all have flaws, so I always assumed that it is normal for guitars to have flaws ( uneven left & right side quilted maple, neck joint finish cracks, crocked frets, etc.).

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