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Buying Bread Online

Earlier during the pandemic, people were baking bread in record numbers, resulting in flour flying off the shelves and yeast nowhere to be found. Unfortunately, many bakeries are still closed or running on limited hours, and many folks are still avoiding crowded grocery stores.

buying bread online

Luckily, there are plenty of online bakeries and specialty food stores that are shipping fresh bread nationwide. From stores that are making specialty artisanal loaves and New York bagels to ones selling good old Wonder Bread, here's a running list of where to order bread online. And if you want to pass off one of your delivery loaves as something you baked yourself, we won't judge.

Williams Sonoma: In addition to high-end kitchenware, Williams Sonoma also offers a large selection of specialty foods including several types of bread, pastries, bagels, and biscuits. Shipping is free on orders over $49.

Bread Basket: Curated weekly, each $49 order from Bread Basket contains a large assortment of bread, bagels, pastries, and sweet treats sourced from New York bakeries including Orwashers, BAKED, Amy's Bread, Pain d'Avignon, New Yorker Bagel, and Leaven & Co. You can buy a one-off basket for yourself or an NYC hospital, or subscribe for weekly deliveries at a slight discount. Orders must be placed by Tuesday for delivery that Friday. Shipping is an additional $15 to $25 based on your location.

Bread Village: Bread Village ships German rye sourdough loaves and rolls from Germany to the United States. Loaves are par-baked and frozen, so you'll finish baking the bread at home, ensuring fresh bread whenever you're ready for it. Shipping is $9.99 or free on orders over $54.

Green Mart: Green Mart is an online grocery store, focusing on farm-fresh ingredients. It has a selection of fresh bread including Jewish rye, French baguettes, and cottage loaves. Shipping is a flat $9.90.

Zingerman's: The Ann Arbor, MI-based Zingerman's Deli has an online shop where it sells its artisan bread, meats, cheeses, and other specialty foods. Bread ships with two-day shipping so ensure it arrives fresh, but as a result, shipping costs hover around $13 to $15.

Domaselo: This Miami-based bakery is shipping its organic sourdough loaves. Get a plain country loaf or baguette or choose from breads flavored with herbs, nuts, or fruits. If you live in the Miami area, delivery is free on orders over $20. For the rest of the country, shipping is free on orders over $35, excluding Alaska, Hawaii, California, and Arizona.

Wolferman's Bakery: Wolferman's is owned and operated by Harry & David, so you couldn't be in better hands when it comes to mail-order goods. This online bakery specializes in baked goods including bagels, English muffins, scones, and pastries. Shipping is calculated at checkout. Bagels ship with two-day shipping that won't incur an upcharge, but other items may take longer to receive.

Harry & David: In addition to its classic fruit baskets, Harry & David sells bakery baskets that include a variety of sweet breads, cookies, and more. It even stocks cinnamon rolls from Cinnabon.

Panera Bread: Panera Bread is one of the many restaurant chains that has shifted to online grocery delivery during the pandemic. If you live within the delivery radius of a Panera, you'll be able to order bread, bagels, and other Panera staples for same-day delivery. There is a $5 order minimum and a $3 delivery fee.

Thrive Market: A monthly membership costs $9.94 and gets you access to tons of organic, fair-trade, and sustainably sourced groceries and produce, though much of the latter is in bulk. In terms of bread, it's a much more reasonable loaf of take-and-bake bread that you can "bake" yourself.

Boxed: Boxed sells bulk dry goods at discounted prices, but for fresh items like bread, it also offers an Express grocery delivery service where a shopper will pick up and deliver your items at a time you select. The delivery fee is $8.99 and you're also subject to a fluctuating On-Demand fee.

Now you can have fresh, whole-grain bread without another trip to the grocery store. Angelic Bakehouse bread delivery is more convenient and delicious than ever before. Our sprouted grain bread is freezer friendly and comes in bulk or individual loaves. Shop all Angelic flavors below!

The slow fermentation with leaven, the 100% artisanal manufacture and the cooking with wood fire guarantee a richness as well gustatory as nutritional and confer to our breads capacities of single conservation.

It facilitates digestion and the assimilation of gluten and carbohydrates. The digestion of natural sourdough bread is therefore much easier. It allows the release of "good nutrients". It gives the bread exceptional flavors. It allows an excellent preservation of fresh bread.

Small batch artisan baking methods, extended natural fermentation for up to 72 hours, minimal ingredients and lots of love is how we make bread. NO artificial preservatives, additives or sugar. Click "Shop" button in the site menu to find a loaf for any occasion. Every Sandwich will turn into a Gourmet Experience. Happy Yumm!

I had big doubts that bread with no preservatives could travel and still be fresh. WAS I WRONG!!!!!! YOUR BREAD IS ABSOLUTELY DELICIOUS!!!! I want to thank you for your patience with me. I was very suspicious all along. I'm sorry. You now have a new customer.

We discovered Chia Cracked Rye at EarthFare, and when those stores closed, we thought our access to this delicious bread was forever lost. So happy to learn that Izzio ships, and we are on our 4th case. It arrives in great condition, and we just throw it in the freezer, taking out one loaf at a time. Life is too short for subpar bread! This stuff Read more about review stating My family's favorite bread is extremely satisfying!

Great bread starts with great ingredients, which is why at izzio Artisan Bakery we source the highest quality ORGANIC ingredients for our breads. We use only authentic small batch baking methods and extended natural fermentation, where some loaves take up to 72 hours. The result is an ORGANIC loaf of bread that has a unique texture, deep flavor, is easy to digest and always delicious. Get our new ORGANIC breads delivered to your door!

Check the balance on your Panera Bread Gift Card to see if you need to reload or if you're good to go for that next bread bowl. Make sure you check the balance regularly so that you're never a dollar short on your next visit.

eGift cards from Panera are an instant win! Purchase gift cards online for friends, family, and all the Panera fans in your life. Perfect for birthdays, thank you gifts, or just because gifts! You can send, text, or email gift cards for a deliciously good gift for anyone on your list.

Their sourdough is organic and contains very few ingredients. They believe this is the way to make products that are not only high-quality but affordable. They hope to make their delicious, quality bread available to everyone by keeping prices as low as possible.

Bread Village is an online bakery that brings top-notch, artisan bread from Germany to customers in the United States. They began with a focus on German rye sourdough as this bread has the perfect combination of crunchy outside and dense, chewy inside.

Their selection of fresh bread includes basics like rye and sourdough and a variety of specialty bread. This includes things like cranberry pecan bread, cherry chocolate bread, cinnamon raisin bread, onion rye, and so many more unique and interesting flavors.

Little Stream Bakery is a small, old-fashioned bakery that focuses on gluten-free sourdough bread. They also keep many other common allergens out of their products, including eggs, milk, soy, peanuts, tree nuts, sesame, and more. Their website offers home delivery throughout the United States and Canada for both individuals and wholesale.

In addition to their fresh, gluten-free bread you can also get several sweet treats from them including apple strudel, apple turnovers, pesto rolls, blueberry squares, carrot cake, cinnamon palm leaves, and more. These are made with the same commitment to quality and freshness.

Fresh bread is a great thing to have around, and when you buy fresh bread online you certainly have many more options than most grocery stores offer. But, there are a few things you should think about before placing an order:

Ordering online has many benefits but you should consider the shelf life of bread when placing an order. Left unfrozen, bread has a limited shelf life so keep this in mind as some bread lasts longer than others.

Are you looking for bread only or a whole bakery to choose from? Some companies focus only on a few types of bread, while others offer a variety of other baked goods like cakes, croissants, pastries, and more.

Taftoon is just one of the popular Iranian flat breads, produced from soft white wheat flours. Our Taftoon is fresh baked daily. Enjoy our Taftoon with your favorite cheese or jam/ 'Khameh" or use to wrap your kebabs for a spectacular to go sandwich!

** Please bare in mind that fresh bread will loose about 5% of its original freshness on daily basis. However, freshness can be optimized by toasting the bread in a toaster or in a preheated oven (350 degree Fahrenheit) for 2-3 minutes**

Craving for some Scandinavian rye bread or crackers? You can find different variations here. Some things you just want to bring back into your home wherever you are in the world. With NORDIC EXPAT SHOP you are only one step away, place your order and we will take care of the rest.

Our bread is created only using organic GMO free flours, water, sea salt, and organic levain starter, which is a culture of wild yeasts used to slowly levain bread. It takes an astonishing 36 hours to make one loaf of Noble Bread. Utilizing whole grains, and ancient grains makes the bread far more complex and biologically active than just plain white bread. 041b061a72

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