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Where To Buy Leatherman Wave

The Leatherman Wave multi-tool is hands-down the most popular multi-tool model. The Wave was made famous by its outside-accessible blades that can be deployed with just one hand, the Leatherman Wave also has more features than any other Leatherman. Perfect for any job, adventure, or everyday task. Check out our Best Leatherman Multi-Tools Guide to see where the Wave places on the list!

where to buy leatherman wave

Its one of those tools that I would recommend to own, no matter if you are an outdoorsman, hunter, soldier or working in Law Enforcement, as it embodies the essence of all Multitools. Like I mentioned before, I own this particular leatherman Wave for way over 20 years now and it never left me alone in any situation where I needed it. From the cold and freezing Alps to the burning heat of the Sahara, its roughly 10cm closed length and 241g of 420HC stainless Steel did its job, no matter what.

The next knife, is the serrated knife or bread knife. It works like it supposed to do, nothing more or less. The saw, even after 25 years of constant use, remains sharp like on day one. I would recommend you to cut smoothly and not with too much pressure to make the saw work best. The file of the leatherman Wave has a rough and a smooth side.

The smooth one is even fine enough to clean your fingernails. The rough side works fine if you want to smoothen an area or for precise work in the woods. The wave needs a bit more attention regarding maintenance than other tools, just apply some lubricant fro, time to time and you are fine.

Like I said earlier. The Leatherman Wave is my EDC tool, where I go it will go with me. What I really learned to appreciate over the years is the quality of manufacturing and all used materials, even the screws, which hold the Leatherman Wave together still dont move at all. Leatherman paid attention to the details, for example the rounded edge of both arms of the Wave grant a good grip while preventing pressure points on your palms.

Featuring 18 useful tools and a extremely portable design, the Leatherman Wave + is the ideal multi-tool for any craftsman or technician. Just 4 inches long, this handy tool can be easily carried in your pocket or in its included holster wherever you go. The versatile tool features 18 unique tools, from pliers and wire cutters to blades and scissors, that can help with a wide variety of jobs, large or small. Unlike previous models, the Wave + comes with replaceable wire cutter blades, allowing you to switch them out for fresh blades when they eventually begin to dull. Crafted from high-strength steel, the rugged multi-tool is ready to take on any task and won't easily wear or weaken from extensive use.

I would say that the leatherman multi-tools are like the Ferrari in their category. I bought this Wave+ for father-in-law's 60th birthday. He loved it and carries with him everyday now. Thanks LightMen team for making this tool available in India and that too with a quick shipping options.

they delivered the product (leatherman wave +) in less than 2 days. Excellent product, excellent support from the staff, Their engraving is also of good quality. Happy to have found this site. looking forward to buy more from them

The file is very useful for anyone who deals with machinery or parts where pitting and burring can become an issue, which is common in automotive repair. This tool is a good one for those who deal with out-of-spec machining.

Leather tabs on either side allow you to weave your belt into the sheath and keep your Leatherman (Wave, Wave+, or Charge) close to your body. My design goes a step further with a steep angled carry that creates a minimal profile so it won't dig into the belly no matter where you carry it (I know from first hand here... I am among the bellied masses). The angle also allows the knife to settle into the sheath adding more protection from your knife falling out when you bend over. An external loop and protected end slot keep the bit extender ready and safe, while comfortably flexing with your body.Crafted from two facing layers of 5oz. vegetable tanned English Bridle leather from Wickett & Craig (a company making some of the finest leather on the planet right here in the USA since 1867!), cemented and stitched with #138 thread, this sheath will last you the rest of your days.There are no rough sides exposed leaving a nice polished look. Fits up to a 1.5" belt.Proudly made in the USA by someone who proudly served it!

A. A ricasso is the unsharpened area of a blade, right between where the primary grind ends and the handle begins. There are a few reasons for the existence of a ricasso: It can be a purely aesthetic choice, a preventative measure to a high-stress area in the blade, a necessary feature for the locking mechanism, or to allow you to grip higher on the blade for increased control and torque. 041b061a72

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