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Platinum The Dance Movie

TV Guide Magazine: So are you as mean in this movie as that ghastly Abby Lee Miller lady?Hughes: [Laughs] Well, my character, Jo-Ann, is really pretty horrible! Platinum is a tongue-in-cheek take on dance competitions, with all these great young dancers competing at an extraordinary level and the crazy mothers who push them. It's very authentic, but also very funny. It's about two dance studios that compete in the super-important "National Nationals" and Jo-Ann is a screaming control freak who really wants her daughters to do well and will do anything to make that happen. She only wants the best for them but she's really just impossible. One of her girls is this fabulous, very dreamy dancer, played by Kathryn McCormick, who competed in Season 6 of So You Think You Can Dance. That character is 18 or 19, and the other daughter, played by Marlowe Peyton, is 10 and has a weight problem. The actresses are both so fabulous!

Platinum the Dance Movie

TV Guide Magazine: You've been dancing since you were a kid. Do you relate to any of this?Hughes: No! It's so deadly serious! I started at age 3 and went to a dance school when I was 10 but never experienced any of this. I really wanted to dance. Nobody pushed or forced me. I don't even understand the purpose of these competitions. Sure, you can make some money but the stress is incredible and you can certainly have a career as a dancer without them. It's insane, really. The director, Alex DiMarco, really captured it all beautifully and with a lot of style. The dancing is phenomenal. The level of the talent is so much different now. Seeing some of these young ones in Platinum I think, "I could never have done that!" They are not only major athletes but also bring a passion and creativity and artistry to the stage I could never have come close to. They bring their souls to the stage! And they're raising the bar in ways that couldn't have been imagined just a few years ago, thanks I think to shows like So You Think You Can Dance and Dancing With the Stars, which are making dance cool and raising everyone's game. Doing Platinum made me want to continue in this arena, some way, somehow.

TV Guide Magazine: Well, allrighty then. Isn't your GH costar Carolyn Hennesy [Diane] in this movie, too? Hughes: Yes, and her character is even worse than mine! I just love that woman. So funny! [Laughs] She's mad as a bag of rats!

TV Guide Magazine: How's it feel to come full circle in your career? Hughes: It's so much fun, though I don't think any of the young ones on the set had a clue that I started out as a dancer or know anything about Staying Alive. Kathryn is at the point where I was when I came to Los Angeles to do that movie. I was so young then. I didn't know anything at all! Thank God, John Travolta was so sweet and such a great actor to watch and learn from. He really understood film acting.

Brand New Hotel including complimentary hot breakfast, wireless internet, indoor heated pool, hot tub, and fitness center. All suites include a pull-out sofa, refrigerator, microwave, and coffee maker. We also have free parking and located next door to the movie theater. Ask about reserving our team reception/meeting area!

Performances containing dancers from multiple levels must follow the LEVELING SYSTEM to determine the performance level. All group performances with dancers from multiple levels must be consecutive, with no skipping of levels. Each level has been assigned a numeric value that will be used to determine the performance level.

The Duet/Trio Nonconsecutive Level Rule only applies to Duet/Trios that are NOT consecutive and are skipping a level. A nonconsecutive Duet/Trio may contain dancers of any level and any age. They must perform at the highest level & age division of the registered dancers.Examples: A STARZ OF TOMORROW and ELITE STARZ Duet must compete in the ELITE STARZ level with the age of the oldest dancer.A Trio with 2 STARZ OF TOMORROW dancers and 1 ELITE STARZ dancer must compete in the ELITE STARZ level with the age of the oldest dancer.Duet/Trios WITH consecutive levels will use the LEVEL CALCULATOR to determine the level and average age division.

Turn It Up Dance Challenge recommends contestants enter this level if they have significant competition experience. Dancers who perform in 12 or more routines must be in the competitive level. Productions not included in count. A competitive dancer cannot compete in a novice routine.

Any routine that contains 50% or more full time teachers or professional dancers must enter at the Pro-Amateur level. A professional dancer is one who is currently being paid to perform either on Broadway or television professionally. If a contestant is a paid actor only, they are not considered a professional dancer. If they are paid to be a dancer on a reality series they are not a paid professional dancer.

If music skips or fails at anytime during a performance due to faulty music supplied by the studio, Turn It Up Dance Challenge can not allow that routine to perform again. This rule must be strictly enforced in order to give everyone an equal opportunity and to keep the schedule running on time. If music fails to work on the first try, before dancers perform, that routine may be placed on hold until music is found. It is the responsibility of the studio to bring a backup music. Turn It Up is not responsible for any USB Flash Drives, Ipods, Ipads, etc. that are not collected after an event.

NO DANGEROUS PROPS ALLOWED Dangerous props include but are not limited to knives, swords, guns, anything thrown directly at the judges table that may be harmful, anything that could alter the surface of the dance floor. This includes both real and fake weapons. Any routine that uses a dangerous prop will receive a max of a 10 POINT deduction or may be disqualified.

HUMAN PROPS A Human prop is a person acting as a prop and one that can be seen clearly by the audience, but does not dance with the group. Human props must pay as a participant, however they will NOT be factored into the age level of the routine. If a person enters stage simply to hold up a prop from the back and cannot be seen by the audience they are NOT considered a human prop and do NOT have to pay as a participant.

Contestants must submit 1 (only one) recent and professional headshot in color. Headshots must be emailed to AT LEAST 30 DAYS PRIOR TO COMPETITION. All headshots MUST be submitted digitally. We will no longer accept hard copies of headshots. If we do not receive a title photo, unfortunately a score of 0 will be given for that portion of the title score.

Turn It Up Dance Challenge realizes that much effort is placed on the art of choreography and costuming. Therefore, we protect our choreographers and dancers by prohibiting photography and video of any kind. TAKING PHOTOS OR VIDEO IS PROHIBITED DURING PERFORMANCES and may lead to disqualification.

By signing the entry form for PLATINUM PERFORMING ARTS COMPETITION, all dancers and competitors assume responsibility for personal property and injuries incurred at the competition. Injuries include, but are not limited to, sprains, muscle pulls and bone breaks. Your signature and participation indicate acceptance of these responsibilities. Therefore, PLATINUM PERFORMING ARTS COMPETITION Directors and Staff assume no responsibility for personal injury or property loss. Participation in this competition indicates the acceptance of such risk by Performers, Parents, Studio Owners and Affiliates.

Note: All PERFORMANCE CATEGORIES may contain ONLY three (3) Acrobatic tricks, except the Acrobatic Category. Students may not compete against themselves in the same category of dance. However, if a student would like to do a Tap Solo and a Tap Duet that is acceptable. ALL ENTRIES ACCEPTED ON A FIRST COME FIRST SERVED BASIS.

Rehearsal on the performance floor or stage is STRICTLY PROHIBITED. At no time prior to, or during the competition, are dancers permitted to rehearse on the competition floor. Violations may result in disqualification. Absolutely NO rosin use is permitted during any PLATINUM PERFORMING ARTS COMPETITION.

All dancers/performers and their affiliated studios authorize the use of their image in photos and video from the competition, for PLATINUM PERFORMING ARTS COMPETITION publicity and advertisement purposes.

Petites under 5, 5-6// Minis 7-8 // Juniors 9-10 // Pre-teen 11-12 // Teen 13-14 // Pre - senior 15-16 // Senior 17 -19 // Adult 20 and overl. Scores will be awarded for each of the newly revised separate age divisions. Ages are calculated as of the first day of competition of a regional event and national finals. For routines with more than one dancer, the age is determined by the averaging the age of all participants in that entry. If the average of the ages ends in .5 or more, round up to the next whole number. Example: If the average age is 15.5, round up to 16. (Please note: when registering online, age calculations are automatically calculated. We will not change an age unless, there is a clear error in the systems calculation)

Eliminated Dancing With The Stars season 31 contestant, platinum recording artist, and American Idol winner Jordin Sparks has some suggestions for who should compete on the reality competition show next, and one of them is her "No Air" collaborator and controversial singer Chris Brown. After their Halloween Night tango to "Oogie Boogie's Song" from The Nightmare Before Christmas and their participation in the group dance, Jordin and her partner Brandon Armstrong were second to last on the leaderboard in eighth place. They then found themselves in the bottom two with fellow competitors Heidi D'Amelio and Artem Chigvintsev. DWTS judges Derek Hough and Bruno Tonioli saved Jordin and Brandon. However, Carrie Ann Inaba voted to save Heidi and Artem, along with Len Goodman. As head judge, Len's vote counts twice, so Jordin and Brandon were sent home. 041b061a72

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