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4 - Pure Love (feat. Edson Prod)

Oda said the film was an exploration of how a real loss can create both the burden and gift of being alive. The character of Will is based on his uncle, who died by suicide at age 50 when Oda was 12 years old. Oda said people would go on to remember his uncle for how he died instead of for the life he lived. He wanted to write a story about what his uncle was going through "instead of judging him through what he did".[4] In 2017, the Sundance Institute selected Oda as one of fifteen emerging screenwriters to participate in its annual screenwriting lab at the Sundance Resort in Utah.[5] Producers on Nine Days were Jason Michael Berman, Mette-Marie Kongsved, Matthew Linder, Laura Tunstall, and Datari Turner.[2] Securing funding for the film proved difficult as the producers had been turned down by several specialty distributors, including A24 and Searchlight Pictures. So, to obtain the $10 million budget necessary to finance it, Berman put together a team of at least a dozen executive producers. Spike Jonze boarded the project as an executive producer in October 2020 after the film's premiere.[3][6] Oda credited Jonze's Her (2013), a film tackling similar themes of humanity and vulnerability, as a major inspiration for Nine Days, taking notice of Scarlett Johansson's performance as Samantha in the film: "She's almost like a soul ... finding love and all those emotions so dramatically."[7]

4 - Pure Love (feat. Edson Prod)

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Characters who were bit players in the movies, such as the bounty hunter Boba Fett, have become big stars in the world of ancillary products. Lots of little kids seem to love R2D2, thanks to his beeping and whistling and small stature. 041b061a72

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