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Liam Brown
Liam Brown

Pan Turner UPD

Patent for a pan lifter and turner using a bent handle, a curved plate is secured at the end of the bent handle; extending upward from the curved plate with a series of teeth to engages the crimped rim of a pan for lifting. At both ends of the curved plate provided with curved notches or recesses to receive and engage the rim of a pan for turning. Illustration is included.

Pan Turner


The stainless steel ladle looks stunning and is perfectly balanced for easy handling. It featuring a soft touch finish handle and a profile that is optimized for easy use. Featuring a silicone edge, this slotted turner is safe for use with all cookware including delicate non-stick coated pans. The high grade stainless steel is rust resistant and suitable for dishwashing, making it ideal for everyday use.

The Thermometers & Turner are great splinting accessories for experienced and serial splinters to perform their splinting fabrications. The digital thermometer has an easy to read face that shows the temperature in both Fahrenheit and Celsius. The heavy duty thermometer can withstand temperatures up to 60-400F. The nylon turner is the ideal retrieving tool for splinting materials from a heat pan. 041b061a72


Please share and ask any questions about tuning and harpsich...


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