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Poulet fafa is a traditional Tahitian dish, and it is most commonly used as a part of ahima'a, or pit barbecue. The Hawaiian version of the dish is called chicken luau. Chicken is cut into pieces, fried in hot oil until browned, and then removed. Onion, garlic, and ginger are sauteed in the remaining oil, then the chicken pieces are added back into the dish and cooked until tender. It is recommended to add cornstarch or arrowroot dissolved in coconut milk into the dish, as it will thicken the sauce. Poulet fafa is best served with sweet potatoes and taro leaves, but since they can be difficult to find, spinach is also a suitable substitute.


In vitro experiments using both primary fetal hepatocyle cultures and adipoblast cultures have demonstrated that the presence of the fa gene is associated with decreased synthetic capacity, when compared to wild-type cultures. These results are in contrast to the elevated lipogensis and lipoprotein-lipase activities found in vivo in young adult obses (fafa) Zucker rats compared to their lean littermates. These studies used adipoblast cultures to address three possible explanations for these in vitro-in vivo differences: 1) FaFa and fafa adipoblast cultures represent different cell populations with intrinsically different abilities to differentiate, ie, to lipid-fill. 2) The decreased synthetic capacities in fafa vs FaFa adipoblast cultures are specific to cultures derived from the epididymal pad. 3) Cultured adipoblasts produce factor(s) that affect adipoblast differentiation in vitro. Results indicate that 1) the rate of differentiation is slower in fafa than in FaFa adipoblasts 2) there are depot-related differences in lipid metabolism, but these differences do not negate the in vitro association between the fa gene and decreased synthetic capacity and 3) FaFa epididymal-derived adipoblasts produce a factor(s) that affects inguinal-derived adipoblast differentiation and/or growth in vitro. Thus it is important to take both the site of cell origin and culture conditions into consideration when using in vitro systems as an approach to understanding complex in vivo disorders, such as obesity in the Zucker fafa rat.

Poulet fafa is a traditional part of a Tahitian ahima'a, or pit barbeque. If using taro leaves, make sure to follow the initial step to avoid a mouth on fire. The leaves must be cooked in saltwater first to remove irritating cacium oxalate from the leaves. 041b061a72


Please share and ask any questions about tuning and harpsich...


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