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Franco/Flemish Harpsichords


1993 Way Franco Flemish Double


1987 Way French Double


1994 Way French Double

1980 Hyman French Double

1980 Hyman French Double

1981 Way Flemish Double.jpg

1981 Way Flemish Double


1980 Hyman French Double


1968 Skowronick

Kingston Flemish Single

Kingston Flemish Single


1979 Zuckermann Flemish Single

French & Flemish Harpsichords

French & Franco-Flemish Harpsichords

The late French harpsichords were for many years considered to be the most grand and universal instrument. The richness of sound and the depth of the bass create an immediate appeal. They typically have two keyboards, three sets of strings, and a buff (lute) stop. The range is five octaves from FF - f"’. A close cousin of the French double is the Franco-Flemish, which is the result of the 18th century French harpsichord builders rebuilding the fine 17th century instruments of Flanders to correspond more closely to the tastes of 18th century France. The result is an instrument which has much of the lushness of the French tonal ideal while maintaining some of the crispness and articulation associated with the Flemish instruments.

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