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Harpsichords for Sale

Baroque Keyboards offers performance grade instruments for sale. Prior to offering an instrument for sale, each instrument is carefully assessed, prepared and brought to professional quality.


Made by Gerald Kras in the Netherlands in 1996.

Fully rebuilt by Onno Peper in 2020.
8’, 8’, 4’, buff stop
Range: FF to f’’’
Transposing: 415/440.

Keyboard: ebony and boxwood
New Jacks: Walnut, by Onno Peper
Plectra: Derlin

Strings: P-wires from Stephen Birkett’s Historical Music Wires

Exterior: French cream, gold leaf molding, no damage

This is an exceptional harpsichord in the tone quality, playability and tuning stability. It is also the loudest harpsichord we have heard.

Price: $26,000

Does not include shipping

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