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Audirvana Plus 3.2.4 ~REPACK~

@damien78 I'm not sure if Damien is following the Audirvana 3 Bug & Issue reports (though probably) so I will post here as well. Still getting crashes now with 3.2.4 using Izotope, not Sox. Songs play for about 4 minutes then the whole program crashes. Crash report is attached. Thanks for any help. Version 3.1.8 does not crash on me.

Audirvana Plus 3.2.4

Software ver. 5.5.9 Audirvana HWwzu 3.2.3 Version High Sierra Torrent Audirvana v.3.2.13 mZqY 3.1.4 Featured! version Torrent 3Cjuv 3.2.10 Audirvana 3.2.16 Updated to Sierra Free d04ka vers.3.2.9 Audirvana 3.2.11 on MacBook Crack 3.5.8 Audirvana Ho69e 3.2.4 Hindi version

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