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Saatchi Art frequently run discount codes and vouchers where you can usually save around 10-15% off prints and original art. If you want to find the latest offers then check out my Saatchi Art Discount Code page which we update every month with the newest codes.

i buy art

Read my Saatchi Art review or the 10 reasons above for why Saatchi Art comes out top of the pile for buying art online. From emerging to established artists Saatchi Art is a great site for buying affordable art or investing in more expensive work for your collection. Visit Saatchi Art

Paris headquartred Singulart are one of the bigger original art galleries with over 12,000 artists & designers from 110 countries. With a strong representaion of women artists and the option to ask an artist to create a work for you with an artist commission. Visit Singulart

Prints and multiples by leading contemporary artists is how Counter Editions describes itself & it does exactly that. Tracey Emin etchings sit beside charming printed sculptures by Rachel Whiteread while David Shrigley keeps things from getting too serious. Visit Counter Editions

One of the biggest barriers to buying original art online is navigating your way through the myriad of artists and art websites to find the art you love. Even an excellent site like Saatchi Art can be overwhelming to find your way around. We only have so much time to scroll through page after page of not so great art to get to those rare gems we just have to have.

The best place to start on MoMa is to browse the Buy Art section for a portfolio of featured artists with selected favourite works and links to buy their work. After that you could browse our Museum section for a bunch of artist interviews, emerging artists, news, offers and more.

Started by fine art graduate and designer Danielle Krysa in 2009 The Jealous Curator is now one of the most popular art blogs around. What began as a way to vent her frustrations at amazing art that made her jealous gradually evolved into a showcase of contemporary art that inspires her to get back to the studio.

Etsy is one of the biggest and has long been synonymous with hobbyists, makers and handmade crafts. But a growing number of artists are starting out on Etsy as a way of testing the market for selling their work.

Etsy is now one of the best places to find affordable fine art prints and original paintings on a small budget. You can feel extra good about buying art from Etsy too knowing that a tidy 97% of what you pay goes directly to the artist! Folksy is a similar marketplace site worth having a look at.

Confession time. Art auctions are a new frontier for me. My prior knowledge to researching this article comes mostly from news stories of another Picasso or Gaugin painting breaking the world record from a bewildered looking auction house.

Not all artist websites have online stores but you can still utilise them them to get in touch and ask if a work is for sale. Catherine Ross is a recent graduate deservedly getting lots of recognition and selling work offline. The best way to follow her progress is via her website and blog at

The Monster Project is a collection of artists who invite elementary school kids to draw monsters. Then the artists get to work interpreting the kids drawings using their own techniques and skills before going into the schools to present the new interpretations to the kids.

For lower priced fine art photography by independent photographers Artfinder is worth a look. The German based company Lumas is one of my favourite sites for contemporary photography and, in typical German style, have some sleek framing options.

Many of the offers appearing on this site are from advertisers from which this website receives compensation for being listed here. This compensation may impact how and where products appear on this site (including, for example, the order in which they appear). These offers do not represent all available deposit, investment, loan or credit products.

These tokens are considered non-fungible because you cannot exchange one NFT for another identical one. For instance, if you have one bitcoin, you can exchange it for another bitcoin and still have one bitcoin that is functionally identical to the first. Thus, bitcoin is a fungible token.

When you buy an NFT, you receive a unique token that represents ownership of an underlying asset. The token exists on the blockchain, and the sale is tracked on the blockchain so that nobody else can claim ownership of the NFT.

Metadata describes what the NFT includes, such as a digital signature by the artist, and contains the transaction history. Each minted token comes with a unique identifier linked to an address hosted on a blockchain, such as Ethereum.

Artists can leverage smart contracts to ensure consistent income. A smart contract refers to a digital contract set in code, which can be programmed to execute automatically if certain predefined conditions are met.

Crypto art is minted via smart contracts that then assign ownership to the creator and manage transferability. When you mint an NFT, you execute the code in a smart contract. Smart contracts must comply with specific standards, like the ERC-721.

McCoy and Dash managed to create the first blockchain-backed method of asserting ownership over a digital artwork, and they did not patent this idea. They believe technology should enable artists to control their work so that others cannot appropriate it without their permission.

After them, John Watkinson and Matt Hall made a set of pixelated head collectible characters. They made 10,000 of these CryptoPunks and sold 9,000, keeping the rest to themselves and hoping they would increase in value with time.

The crypto market overheated during 2019, and by the following year, the prices of crypto art pieces were through the roof. As cryptocurrencies like ethereum and bitcoin saw a price increase, the value of NFTs also rose. The most expensive to date is The Merge, by Pak. It sold for $91.8 million.

As for the future, NFTs seem to be going strong despite the pandemic and changes in the crypto market. Mintable, an NFT marketplace backed by the billionaire Mark Cuban, raised $13 million in its Series A round.

Cuban was not the only renowned investor involved with the project. Other investors, such as Expedia Group, 640 Oxford Ventures, Spark Digital Capital and Digital Finance Group, also participated in the event.

Prepaid ART passes grant access to any route in the ART system. We offer hop-on hop-off service for your convenience and added value to your day passes. ART multi-day passes are valid for consecutive days. Please review details at the bottom of this page under Pass Expiration Information.

Buying art directly from artists can be a truly enjoyable experience. With that personal interaction, you can get a fuller idea of an artwork and develop a deeper connection with it. It may be a little intimidating to speak with the artist about their work, but artists are typically very friendly, and that simple interaction may make all the difference in your art buying experience.

Artist co-ops are a special type of gallery run by the exhibiting artists themselves. These styles of galleries are more common in smaller cities and towns. The reputation, sales, and promotion of shows in these galleries can all range depending on the work that the artists put in. However, there is a definite chance that you will come across some brilliant works by aspiring and ambitious creative professionals. One of the advantages of looking for artists in co-ops is that you will almost always find them at the gallery space.

Although these events are usually grand affairs, if you are on a budget, it is good to look out for the appropriate shows. Affordable Art Fair for example focuses on artworks in a certain range which makes them accessible to all.

You can find out about local art shows or craft shows by looking in the local newspaper, searching online, or even checking out tourist resources for your area. These shows are often annual events, so keep track of the shows you find for future reference.

5. Inquire about materials and care tips. Some works, especially sculpture and mixed media, need special care instructions. Even for common media like paintings or photography, the artist may have some special instructions for the works. By taking the extra measure and asking early, you may end up extending the life of the artwork.

6. Stay connected. There are many advantages to staying connected with an artist after the purchase. For one, they may come out with more works in the future that will be of interest to you. Having multiple pieces by the same artist can unify a space and give it a great voice.

There really is a lot that you have to be careful about when buying art nowadays. I particularly like that you bring up how important it is to get a signature and proper documentation. That way you can make sure that you are getting a legitimate piece from the original artist.

Another reason to take your time is so that you have more of an opportunity to consider all of your art options. Even after you find an artist with a style you are interested in, it is good to see as much of their work as you can. Then, when you go home to take measurements you will have more options to choose from and can pick the one that works best for you. 041b061a72

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