Celebration of Life

The era of Covid-19 has been a period of fear, loss, frustration and doubt. Like the virus itself these feelings and personal experiences have scorched their own trails of destruction, mercilessly attacking our consciousness, our sense of stability, our belief that a familiar future exists.

But history tells us a different story than the one of short term fear. History shows us that we will survive. We will grow. We shall come together and celebrate life face to face, pressed close to one another, frustrated by the audience member who coughs or sneezes at the least appropriate moment during a performance but that's all it will be, a flicker of frustration, not paralyzing fear.

The music of the Baroque Period is some of the greatest music ever written and performed. It will continue to be so. This music has survived everything humanity and nature has thrown at it, and it will continue to fill other ears, hearts and minds in the near future and for centuries to come.