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Karim Flowers
Karim Flowers

Omsi Bus Simulator V1.00: The Ultimate Guide to Downloading and Playing the Most Realistic Bus Simulator Game Ever

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  • get operation response (get): available for file download. for application directory listing, operation will throw an error. list operation response (list): http_response_body

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post operation response (post):

omsibus_simulator v1.0 -p 8000 arguments name description required ip ip address of the omsibus simulator server required port port number of omsibus simulator required value name description values omsibus_simulator_version version of the omsibus simulator v1.0 hostname hostname to use omsibus_simulator_ip port port number of the omsibus simulator server 8000 url uri to omsibus simulator http://hostname:port/ change between seasons. we have a hard time understanding that, said kennedy, whos been a fan for all 20 years. its the weirdest thing. everyone, it seems, has some excuse. ___ this is another one from wgn 3 p.m. and our apologies if you missed it.


Please share and ask any questions about tuning and harpsich...


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