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Liam Brown
Liam Brown

Marine Cartier

The marine environment is dynamic and conditions that support higher primary productivity or act to aggregate prey may change over temporal scales ranging from minutes to years. Consequently, the foraging strategy of a seabird must be sufficiently flexible so as to subsume environmental change if the individual is to meet its resource requirements and those of its dependant offspring. This may see individuals increase foraging effort when prey is scarce (Ainley, Ford, Brown, Suryan, & Irons, 2003; Burke & Montevecchi, 2009) or switch from a preferred prey species to a more accessible alternative (Hamer et al., 1991; Montevecchi, Benvenuti, Garthe, Davoren, & Fifield, 2009). Similarly, an individual may alter the location where foraging takes place as a result of changes in environmental conditions (Kowalczyk, Reina, Preston, & Chiaradia, 2015; Pinaud, Cherel, & Weimerskirch, 2005).

marine cartier



Please share and ask any questions about tuning and harpsich...


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