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Karim Flowers
Karim Flowers

Old School Musical !!BETTER!! Free Download (v18.08.2022)

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Old School Musical Free Download (v18.08.2022)

The PSD file is fully layered and can be edited in any way you want. It is also CMYK print ready. The download page also includes links to the free fonts used in the design so that you can set the flyer up very quickly.

This flyer design was made by graphic designer James George. It has a great vintage look. You can fully edit the flyer template in Adobe Photoshop right after download. It uses the free fonts Bazar and Ostrich Sans. All text can be edited. The best thing about this file is that it is a free flyer template, making it ideal for many people working on a small budget.

The package that you download includes fully layered, renamed, and grouped PSD files that are ready for editing in Adobe Photoshop, as well as a *.txt file that contains download links for the free fonts that look best in the flyer templates. 041b061a72


Please share and ask any questions about tuning and harpsich...


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